Group Exercise Programs

Beverly Hills Club Group Exercise Programs

BHC Aerobics: Beverly Hills Club has one of the finest programs in the area. BHC offers members a variety of the newest trends in aerobic  activities. BHC is home to some of the best instructors in the country.

Aerobic Class Description …. Classes include:

*Core:    45 Min Balance and core Strengthening –Abdominal strength and toning specific.
*Blend:  45 Min Intervals of cardio & weight training
*Strong:   60 Min Intense cardio, balance & strength training.

Class Description
Barre Work@ Barre: gaining balance & center that allows you to concentrate on the muscle group you are working.
B-Bop Balanced Bodies for Optimum Performance. Focus on improving balance using the Barre & Slomo balls.
Boot Camp Easy to follow yet demanding high-intensity circuit class-promoting skill & strength development.
Cardio Barre A high energy cardio workout : lengthen & strengthen muscles as you burn fat while working at the Barre.
Cardio Bootcamp Blend of core strength, cardio & muscle endurance-fit balls, resistance bands, dumb-bells & the BOSU.
Cardio Boxing Blend of interval bag work and overall body conditioning including core & cardio conditioning.
Cardio lite Easy to follow, low-impact workout followed by strength training to improve posture, balance & mobility.
Cardio Muscle All levels invited to a challenging workout: balance, strength, flexibility, & endurance.
Cardio Strength Pick up the pace w/interval based circuit training—weights, reps & more.
Core & More
Get long & lean with total body toning: Emphasis on core, work is done on the mat.
Kick-Boxing Karate, boxing, jumps, kicks and punches are combined into this great workout.
Mixed Interval
High intensity-low impact-Ideal for fat burning & raising the metabolism.
Muscle Max Total body muscular & strength training by applying all varieties of equipment: dumb-bells, balls, bands, kettlebells, BOSU & step.
Muscle Max Light Introductory resistance class with focus on safe training: increasing strength and overall conditioning.
Muscle & Barre
Train, shape and strengthen with this high intensity Barre Class: Barre, bands, weights & more.
Pilates An inclusive workout for those wanting strength, flexibility, & relaxation—focus on movement quality to
achieve a balanced body that feels as vital as it looks.
Mat + Pilates Using small equipment including Fit-balls, straps & Fitness Circles that will integrate resistance training.
Weight + Pilates
30 min weight training followed by 30 minutes of Pilates.
Step-&-Weights Get ready to kick it up a notch with this step and weight training workout.
45 Min Balance and core Strengthening –Abdominal strength and toning specific.
45 Min Intervals of cardio & weight training.
60 Min Intense cardio, balance & strength training.
Yoga *Ashtanga Yoga - This power yoga class offers the opportunity to increase strength, flexibility, balance & inner peace, moving
through a prescribed series of poses designed for maximum benefit-a warm to hot practice.
*Hatha Yoga – Enjoy a complete body workout that involves strengthening, toning and stretching all major muscle groups
through isolated movements and poses. A class designed for “every-body.
*Slow Flow – This yoga class is about strengthening and deep stretching in the body while moving to a slower rhythm of
movement. We can carry our practice of Slow Flow into our everyday lives to help us be more mindful, grounded and balanced.
*Vinyasa Yoga – This high energy athletic style connects breath and movement in a continuous glow that is based upon Ashtanga, but allows for creative sequencing. A warm to hot practice.
Yin Yang Yoga – This practice combines restorative, deep tissue stretching (yin) with muscle and core strengthening poses (yang)—a complete yoga practice to help you gain strength as you gently stretch & rehabilitate.
*Yoga Barre – The harmonious combination of yoga and barre will allow you to reach deeper into your poses. Yoga Barre targets the muscles in the core, glutes & thighs in a way few other workouts can achieve
*Yoga Moms – A pre-natal yoga class: To register call Beaumont 1-80-633-7377. New 5-6 class sessions offered thought out the year. Click Here for Schedule on our Yoga Mom’s Classes.
Zumba This class features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms set to Latin, African, Arabic & Hindu music. High energy & motivating & FUN.