Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics Program at Beverly Hills Club

Aqua Aerobics Class Description:
Water is a comfortable, stress-free workout environment. All the benefits of cardiovascular and resistive workouts are in our powerful Aqua Aerobic Classes with little or no stress on your joints.

Classes include:

Class Description
Aqua Aerobics An energetic and invigorating class that combines aqua aerobics and strength training for a total body workout. Click for Aqua Aerobics Schedule.
Aqua/Step Adds dynamic balance and challenge to every movement made in the water. This extraordinary class will challenge your cardiovascular endurance levels with emphasis on muscular conditioning.
H2O Interval Discover an invigorating and energetic aqua aerobics class. The gradual progression of intensity intervals followed by recovery periods will have your body experiencing a total body workout.
Cardio/Core Aqua Half the class is a cardio workout and the other half is stabilization training on the noodle and with barbells.
Beaumont Aqua Moms Pre-Natal Aqua Aerobic Classes
BHC offers two exercise programs for expectant mothers: Beaumont Aqua Moms & Beaumont Yoga Moms. Beaumont Aqua Moms is a pre-natal exercise class that offers a cardiovascular and resistive workout in the pool.
Pre-Registration required. Call Beaumont to register: 800-633-7377.
Click Here for more session times & costs on all pre-natal classes …