Yoga Program

Yoga Classes at Beverly Hills Club

Yoga is beneficial for both the mind and body. Research shows that practicing yoga poses enables you to de-stress while improving flexibility, balance and strength. Moving your body in new ways improves posture, and works out muscles, joints, internal organs and the nervous system.

Beverly Hills Club offers a variety of Group Yoga Classes:

Ashtanga Yoga – This Power Yoga class offers the opportunity to increase strength, flexibility, balance and inner peace, moving through a prescribed series of poses designed in specific order for maximum benefit. A warm to hot practice.

Hatha Yoga – Enjoy a complete body workout that involves strengthening, toning and stretching all major muscle groups through isolated movements and poses. A class designed for “every-body.”

Vinyasa Yoga – This high energy athletic style connects breathing and movement in continuous flow that is based upon Ashtanga, but allows for creative sequencing. A warm to hot practice.

Yin Yang Yoga—This practice combines restorative, deep tissue stretching(yin) with muscle and core strengthening poses (yang) – a complete yoga practice to help you gain strength as you gently stretch and rehabilitate underlying tight connective tissue forming your joints. Yin Yang Yoga can enhance your performance in other activities, relieve arthritis and improve overall strength and flexibility through strengthening, toning and stretching.  Yin Yang Yoga uses the science of alignment to create freedom, of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Moms – A Pre-Natal Yoga Class. To register, call Beaumont 1-800-633-7377. Click Here to see details about All Pre-Natal Programs.

Call 248-642-8512 ext. 340 to book your private session with a yoga trainer.

YOGA PRIVATE INSTRUCTION                                                        COSTS
Member Other
Special 30 minute intro $25 $30
1 hr. Private Session $63 $73
1 hr. Semi-Private (Private session required prior to semi-private) $42 $53
Group Training (3 to 4 participants) $29 $35
8 Packs
Private Sessions $454 $526
Semi-Private (Private session required prior to semi-private) $302 $382
Group Training (3 or 4 participants) $209 $252

Meet the BHC Yoga Trainers

Nancy McCaochan, M.A., RYT in 2001, Nancy McCaochan left southeastern Ohio and full time college teaching for metro-Detroit to deepen her yoga study. She has been teaching for 15 years and has explored many traditions of Hatha Yoga from Kripalu to Kundalini. However, her primary influences have been in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Anusara.