XRKade Game Room for Beverly Hills Club Tweens

BHC has the only XRKADE in Michigan and one of the few in the United States. XRKADE uses interactive gaming devices, which enables the player to be active while being completely submerged in the game.

The XRKADE was developed specifically for BHC Tweens. It’s a cutting edge environment complete with interactive game and entertainment systems such as Nintendo Wii’s, Playstation 2, Xbox Kinect, and more!

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X-Board: Xperience the X Games factor and Snowboard, Skateboard, and/or Surf your way into the Championship. Experience the thrill of snowboarding down a mountain, skateboarding through urban city street, or surfing down a wave in Hawaii.

DDR: Dance to your own beat while you compete against yourself or others! Dance against your friends and get your feet moving. The faster you dance, the faster you win!

3 Kick: Punch, Kick, and Hit your way to the top score and don’t forget you’re fighting against the clock! Listen for the beeps and watch for the lights, hit is as hard as you can, don’t be slow or you may lose your turn.

New XRKade Parties – Ideal for kids 8 yrs & older.
This great area is a gaming, exercise sensation for both boys and girls. Xboards, DDR and 3kick  make this room an awesome party!

Parties include: party coaches, cake, ice cream and more. The party allows you to sit back and enjoy while the kids have fun! We do all the work from set-up to clean-up.

For more information about the XRKADE or if your interested in booking an XRKADE party, call Alison Zanella at (248) 642-8500 ext. 229 or by e-mail at Alison@beverlyhillsclub.net.