Pilates Classes at Beverly Hills Club

Pilates allows you to improve posture and to develop mind-body awareness like no other workout! BHC offers a variety of Pilates classes for people of all levels.

Benefits of Pilates:
ATTAIN deeply conditioned and highly defined abdominals.
IMPROVE endurance, agility, and performance in every athletic endeavor.
INCREASE your strength with every rep while building flexibility with every move.
BUILD supple, stronger, muscles with no added stress or impact on joints or ligaments.
CREATE support and strength in your back to enhance posture and mobility.

To see a schedule of our Group Classes – including Pilates – CLICK HERE

Pilates Intro: This class is highly recommended prior to attending a Pilates Class. Learn the basic principles of Pilates. Introduced is the principles of pelvic & shoulder girdle stabilization, and the unique breathing patterns that are used to facilitate your movements and relax your muscles.

Pilates: An all-inclusive workout for those wanting strength, flexibility, focus, awareness, and relaxation. Focusing on movement quality to achieve a balanced body that feels as vital as it looks.

Mat Plus Pilates: Using small equipment including Fit-Balls, Medicine Balls, Straps & Fitness Circles that will integrate resistance, assistance & progressive overload.

The Barre Class: Male or female you can embrace this extraordinary workout. When you work at the barre you have a sense of center & balance that allows you to concentrate on the muscle group you are working on. Strength, stabilization & conditioning of the pelvic area & the inner thigh provide an excellent Workout.

Weights Plus Pilates: 30 minutes of Weight Training

Cardio-Barre:  A high energy workout to lengthen and strengthen muscles as you burn fat…while working at the barre!