Little Stars 1&2  

For children ages 3-5 years 


A terrific first tennis experience for young players. Children learn on a smaller court, with small racquets and special balls designed for little tennis players. Kids learn tennis skills plus hand-eye coordination are worked on in this fun program.

LS1  3-4yrs      

LS2  4-5yrs



For children ages 6+ years


This class is for beginners, no experience necessary. Children will learn the basics, fore & backhand, volleys & serves.


ST1   6-7yrs - 36‘court, red ball  

ST2   8+ yrs - 60‘court - orange ball 

ST3  10+yrs - full court - yellow ball


Jr Development

For children ages 7+ years 


This advanced beginner to intermediate class is perfect for player ready learn the basics of play.  Players will work on top-spin for ground strokes and grips for volleys, plus serves & returns are practiced.


Jr Excellence  

For children ages 10+ years 


This intermediate to advanced class is for players who passed Jr Development or are approved by a BHC Professional.  Children continue perfecting tennis skills.


Tennis Academy

This program is for the high school, competitive, level player.


Sessions run September- May


Academy 1 Varsity Level & up

Academy 2 Jr Varsity  Level & up