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Class Descriptions



CARDIO BARRE - High energy/high intensity Barre class: Train, shape and strengthen-using weights and bands.




BOOTCAMP - Blend of core strength, cardio and muscle endurance with the use of fit balls, resistance bands, dumb-bells and the BOSU.


CIRCUIT STRENGTH - Pick up the pace with interval based circuit training—weights, reps and more.


STRICTLY STRENGTH - Designed to help you shed body fat and increase metabolism though a variety of strength and conditioning moves. Small bursts of cardio throughout, easy to follow, hard workout.


CARDIO INTERVAL - Get your heart rate up with a combination of weight drills and easy to follow cardio routines.


CARDIO BOXING - Blend of interval bag work and overall body conditioning including core and cardio conditioning.


KICK BOXING - Karate, boxing, jumps, kicks and punches are combined into an intense workout.


CARDIO CIRCUIT & CORE - Hybrid class will give you a full body workout. First ½ of class focuses on strength and cardio conditioning. Second ½ works on core strength and flexibility.


SURFSET STRONG - 60 min Intervals of cardio and weight training on and off the SurfSet board.


STEP & WEIGHTS - Get ready to kick it up a notch with this step and weight training workout.


3-2-1 - Simple work out: 3 min of easy to follow cardio, 2 min of strength, 1 min of core.  Rest and repeat for a full body workout.




CORE BLAST - 15 min of isolated abdominal work (added to end of a class).


BALANCE - Balanced Bodies for Optimum Performance. Focus on improving balance using the Barre & Slomo balls.


GLUTES & CORE - Emphasis on strengthening your core and glutes with bursts of low impact cardio to get you moving.


MUSCLE MAX LIGHT - Introductory resistance class with focus on safe training: increasing strength and overall conditioning.


PILATES CORE & MORE - Get long lean with total body toning: Emphasis on core, work is done mostly on the mat. Using small equipment including: Fit-balls, straps and Fitness Circles that will integrate resistance training.




HATHA - Enjoy a complete body workout that involves strengthening, toning and stretching all major muscle groups through isolated movements and poses. A class designed for “every-body”.


SLOW-FLOW - This yoga class is about strengthening and deep stretching in the body while moving to a slower rhythm of movement. We can carry our practice of Slow Flow into our everyday lives to help us be more mindful, grounded and balanced.


VINYASA & HATHA - This high energy athletic style connects breath and movement in a continuous flow that is based upon Ashtanga, but allows for creative sequencing. A warm to hot practice.  *HATHA/VINYASA is instructor lead throughout.


RESTORATIVE YOGA - (YIN YANG) This practice combines restorative, deep tissue stretching (yin) with muscle and core strengthening poses (yang)—a complete yoga practice to help you gain strength as you gently stretch and rehabilitate.


YOGA BLEND - This yoga class is about strengthening and deep stretching in the body while moving to a slower rhythm of movement. Instructor will guide you through stretches and flows that can be modified to your needs.


YOGA WARRIOR SCULPT - Take your yoga practice further with this combination of power poses and core sculpting interval work.




ZUMBA - This class features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms set to Latin, African, Arabic and Hindu music. High energy & motivating and FUN.


ZUMBA FUSION - Pick up the pace with this high energy Latin influenced Zumba dance class, with toning and core strengthening added to it, you'll be leaving class with a smile on your face and sweat on your brow!




ALL TERRAIN (AT) - 60 min class with sprints, jumps and climbs.


SPIN XL (75 min) - 2 classes: 1st class is 45 min spin followed by 2nd class  which is 30 min circuit of weights and core work. Do one or the other or both!


EXPRESS (XP) - 45 min class.


CYCLE FOR LIFE (C4L)A 60 min beginner level spin with weight circuit throughout class


SPIN 30/30 - A 60 min class: 30 min of power/speed spin followed with 30 min weight circuit.


BIKE & BURN (B&B) - A 60 min class: 45 min ride with 15 min of strength training after.


SPIN & CORE BLAST - A 70 min class: 45 minute ride with 25 min core training after.

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