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7 Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Get Out Of Bed And Workout Every Morning

If you’ve ever worked out in the morning you would have noticed that you tend to feel more energized and more productive all day, on the days you manage to squeeze in a workout. The problem, of course, is that dragging yourself out of bed to workout in itself is a daunting task that most of us struggle to overcome.

For a lot of us not being able to get out of bed means potentially not finding the time to squeeze in a workout later during the day. Our modern-day work-life schedules have become so demanding it only makes sense to get our workouts out of the way in the morning itself. After all, a morning workout might be our best chance of sticking to a doable workout routine in the long run.

As tough as a habit as it may be to create, luckily for us, these simple strategies are all you need to train your mind to stay motivated and look forward to an early morning workout:

#1. Sleep in your gym wear and prep the night before

Switch from sleeping in your pj’s to sleeping in your workout gear, so you are ready to take on a workout as soon as you wake up.

Which is also a good reason to invest in a clothing that motivates you to get into shape. That worn out college tee and sweatpants just won’t cut it you are trying to pull yourself out of bed every morning.

#2. Pack your workout gear overnight

Dragging yourself out of bed for a workout also involves the tedious task of then packing your gear before you head for a workout, which defeats the purpose of buying workout gear. You want to be able to relish your exciting workout gear, not just while you wear it but also while you pack it. Packing it overnight saves you the hassle of doing it in the morning and enjoy the process of packing it as well.

#3. Stick to what you love doing as a workout

There’s no point slogging through a workout you hate. Why? Because you’ll always find it a chore, which increases the possibility of you skipping it altogether because of a lack of motivation. There is no shortage of gyms and boutique fitness classes to pick from anymore. You’ll find them at whichever corner of the city you’re in. In fact, any physical activity can be counted as a working out—be it biking, hiking, walking, hula hooping or even just jumping on the spot. Do and what you love, not what naysayers recommend.

#4. Make turning off your alarm clock a stretch

As they say, the act of just getting out of your bed, literally, could be the difference between you getting in morning workout or not. Let’s face it, it’s just all too convenient to hit that snooze button and fall back to sleep. Moving your alarm clock to the far end of your room will do the trick of getting. ‘out of your bed’ and turn it off. If you’re a chronic snoozer who heads back to bed after turning your alarm off, set another alarm clock 15-20 apart from the first one. A second outing out of the bed to shut the other one off will help you stay out of bed.

#5. Create a playlist that dictates the intensity at which you workout with

Music can intrinsically motivate you to do anything you put mind to;

countless studies back this claim. Create a playlist of tunes that gets you up pumped at the very thought of hearing it, because this can be a crucial factor to make exercise fun in the long run. Choosing an appropriate genre according to the workout you’re looking to do will help distract your brain from being sluggish in the morning and help you focus on the exercise you’re performing.

#6. Look forward to meeting a gym buddy or workout partner

Things are more fun and challenging do when you have a friend/partner/another person doing it with you, a workout partner is no exception to this rule. Having one that is motivated enough to text you early in the morning about your 7 am session is likely to leave you feeling very guilty if you bail and keep you accountable to your workouts. If you stick with going to a gym or a group class of any sorts, you’re bound to get accustomed to meeting the regulars there who tend to inquire about the days you end up missing. The social factor in itself can be motivating.

#7. Depending on your preference have a set goal or change up your routine regularly

Setting a goal includes; creating a plan on Sunday night for the next week, at the end of the month for the coming month and how you want to look and fell in the long-term (coming months or even years). Tracking your progress helps build intrinsic motivation to keep pursuing it. If you’re more adventurous and tend to get bored doing the same routine regularly, plan a new activity, however often you prefer to do so, as that is what will get you to look forward to getting out of bed to try a new workout.

By Regi George Jenarius published in

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