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DAY 1 - 35 Healthy Snacks for Work That You Can Keep at Your Desk

All hail the snack drawer.

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1 - Seeds

“Seeds are a source of protein, and they’re easy to store, quiet, and not messy,” says Kohn. They're great by themselves, and even better when you put them on top of things like toast, yogurt, or oatmeal. Her favorites are pumpkin seeds and [sunflower seeds], but chia seeds and hemp seeds are great options, too.

2 - Plain Oatmeal Packets

Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast—stash it in your drawer for a hearty snack, too. “Packets of instant, plain oatmeal microwaved with water in a mug and sprinkled with cinnamon is a great cold-weather snack when you want something warm and filling,” says Katherine Younger, R.D. You can also store a full canister of quick oats at your desk.

3 - Raw Nuts

Raw nuts are another great desk snack option because they're shelf stable, and "they deliver a great protein and fat combo,” says Younger. She loves almonds and cashews, but everything from pistachios with the shell on to walnuts or pecans are great for snacking on. And if you keep a packet of oatmeal at your desk, they're great for adding to that, too.

4 - Dried Fruit

Dried fruit can satisfy that mid-afternoon sweet tooth while tiding you over with filling fiber. Younger goes for a few pieces of dried apricots or dates paired with raw nuts for a dose of healthy fat, too. Pair them with a handful of dried nuts or seeds for a balanced snack.

5 - Nut Butter

Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are tasty, versatile desk snacks—Kohn likes pairing it with an apple or banana. (Or, if you're anything like me, eating it straight from the jar). 

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