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Day 3 - 35 Healthy Snacks for Work That You Can Keep at Your Desk

11 - Tuna Pouches

If you’re stuck at your desk for lunch, personal-sized tuna packets and cans are a great stand-in snack to help hold you over. They’re filled with protein and healthy omega 3s, says Kohn. She recommends sticking to water-packed tuna (or one that doesn’t need draining at all).

12 - Dark Chocolate

Hey, nothing wrong with treating yourself at snack time with high-quality squares of dark chocolate. “Cacao is great source of magnesium,” says Kohn. “Pair with peanut butter, nuts, or Greek yogurt for a protein-filled, satisfying snack.”

13 - Roasted Chickpeas

You can DIY these crunchy snacks or buy ‘em pre-made, but either way, they’re a great room temp stand-in for your beloved hummus, and they still pack a protein punch. And there are a bunch of great roasted chickpea recipes out there, like this one that makes them taste like a pumpkin spice latte!

14 - Granola Bars

Granola bars are one of the easiest snacks around, because they're full of protein, fiber, and healthy carbs. Kohn favors Kind bars and Rx bars, and Younger opts for Larabars.

15- DIY Trail Mix

Can't decide between these desk snack options? Toss several of them (like dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and even dark chocolate chips) into a DIY trail mix and portion it out into single serving sizes. If you're not the DIY type, a good store-bought option is 365 Everyday Value Backcountry Bundle Trail Mix (it made the healthy snack cut in the SELF Editors' Choice food awards with fewer than 10 grams of sugar), or create your own mix with over 150 options at and have it delivered to your office.

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