The latest rage in conditioning. Take a virtual bike ride, with great music and exciting coaches to keep you motivated. If you can ride a bike, you can spin.

Our Spinning Program allows members of all ages & fitness levels to get a great workout. BHC leads the area in this biking-sensation. Great music & innovative instructors; like Jennifer Palmer, chosen by readers of Style Magazine and viewers of FOX 2 WJBK Detroit “Most Favorite” Spinning Instructor. Classes are held in the high tech spin studio located  on the mezzanine level of the fitness area.

Our Spining Program stands out from all the others in the area. With a dedicated studio, over 40 bikes and the best instructors there is no other club that can compare to our program.

Cycling Class Descriptions:

Spin Express: 45 minutes of intense spinning. Get in, Spin Sweat and be on your way.


All Terrain: This training session emphasizes different terrains. Including high rpm, acceleration

drills and pedaling on flats and inclines.


Tabata Spin: Tabata Interval Training is the single most effective type of high intensity interval training. It’s also the most intense by far. It only lasts for four minutes but those four minutes produce remarkable effects!

Spin Intro: Contact Diane at Andrea extension 373, to schedule your personal introductory session.

Ultimate Spin Challenge: A challenging total body conditioning class that combines Intervals of Spinning and Strength Intervals using dumb bells!