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ALL TERRAIN (AT) - 60 min class with sprints, jumps and climbs.


SPIN XL (75 min) - 2 classes: 1st class is 45 min spin followed by 2nd class  which is 30 min circuit of weights and core work. Do one or the other or both!


EXPRESS (XP) - 45 min class.

CYCLE FOR LIFE (C4L) - A 60 min beginner level spin with weight circuit throughout class


SPIN 30/30 - A 60 min class: 30 min of power/speed spin followed with 30 min weight circuit.


BIKE & BURN (B&B)  - A 60 min class: 45 min ride with 15 min of strength training after.


SPIN & CORE BLAST - A 70 min class: 45 minute ride with 25 min core training after.

Spinning Class
Spin Schedules
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