The Pool & Aquatics program at BHC

Beverly Hills Club has a beautiful indoor 25 yard lap pool and very large relaxing hot tub that is open during club hours for our members.  Our Aquatics program offers a variety of water activities like lap swimming, aqua aerobic classes, AquaFish Swim School with group as well as private instruction and family swim times for our families members. 


Lap Lane Reservations

-The pool is divided into lap/exercise lanes. 3 lanes (4, 5, 6) on the east side of the pool and 2 open lanes at the steps.  

-Reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance online / app. for up to 45min.

-While there is not a charge to reserve the lap lanes there is a $5 late cancellation/no-show fee. 

         This only applies if you cancel within 24hrs or don’t show up to your reserved time. 

         To avoid this fee you can cancel online / app.

-Family swim times will use lanes (1 & 3) while keeping the other 3 lanes available to lap swimmers reservations.


Family Swim Reservation & Policies

-This a time when children who are ON a full membership at the club can swim.

-You can Reserve Family Swim Times up to 3 days in advance online / app, under classes, for a set 45min. time slot.

-While there is not a charge to reserve your Family Swim Time there is a $5 late cancellation/no-show fee. 

         This fee only applies if you cancel within 2hrs or don’t show up to your reserved time.  

         To avoid this fee you can cancel online /app.

-The Family Swim Area is the big open area off of the steps.

-Children under the age of 10yrs must have a parent or adult member in the pool actively supervising them at all times.  

-When you book your reservation you must book it for each person that will be in the pool. 

         ie Parent & child must both be booked in the reservation.

-Children 10-12yrs of age must have a parent or adult member on the pool deck at all times, unless this supervising 

         person is going into the pool only register the child in this case for Family Swim. 

 -During non-family swim time a parent can take their child in the pool with a reservation and a 1:1 ratio (parent to 

         child, parent MUST be in the water)

-If a space is full you can add yourself to the waitlist, you will be notified via email if a space becomes available and 

         have 45min to respond to accepting the space.

 Lifeguards are here to help, but cannot take the place of a parent or guardian in supervising or safeguarding you child.  

THIS IS PRIMARILY YOUR RESPONSIBLITY.  To ensure optimum safety, children up to 12yrs MUST have a parent or adult member supervising them at all times - see above rules.  Life jackets are required for any child that cannot swim, regardless of age, and are available on the pool deck.


Aqua Aerobics Class Reservation

Class sizes are limited.


Reserve your space online/app up to 48hrs prior to the class time.

While there is no charge for the class, there is a $5 late cancellation/no show fee. 

         This only applies when you cancel within 6hrs of the start of the class or no show. 

         To avoid a late cancellation/no-show fee cancel your reservation online/app.

 If a class is full you can add yourself to the waitlist online/app, you will be notified via email if a 

space becomes available and have 45 min to respond and accept the space.


(members and non-members welcome)

Beverly Hills Club has been teaching 1,000s of children to swim since 1989. The BHC  Swim School teaches the Red Cross “Learn to Swim” program, a program with over 90 years of experience teaching swimming and water safety.

Children learn skills in a fun and safe environment with small class sizes. Watch as your child learns to swim.

For tots, we offer Parent-Tot classes for children as young as 6 months up to 3 years. This class enables parents to learn water safety while getting their children more comfortable in the water.  We also offer classes for children 2-3 years. Intermediate for children who are comfortable in the water and bridges the gap between Parent-Tot and the Level 1 Intro Swim Class.

For children 3 and older, we have five different levels that will fit your child’s swimming abilities, as well as a pre-team and swim team clinics. Click on links below to take a look at all of our BHC Swim Programs. Don’t see a time that fits your schedule? Not a problem…we also have create-a-class available for groups of 3 or more.




Aqua Aerobics Class Description:

Water is a comfortable, stress-free workout environment. All the benefits of cardiovascular and resistive workouts are in our powerful Aqua Aerobic Classes with little or no stress on your joints.


Aqua Aerobics: An energetic and invigorating class that combines aqua aerobics and strength training for a total body workout. Click for Aqua Aerobics Schedule.

Aqua/Step: Adds dynamic balance and challenge to every movement made in the water. This extraordinary class will challenge your cardiovascular endurance levels with an emphasis on muscular conditioning.

H2O Interval: Discover an invigorating and energetic aqua aerobics class. The gradual progression of intensity intervals followed by recovery periods will have your body experiencing a total body workout.

Cardio/Core Aqua: Half the class is a cardio workout and the other half is stabilization training on the noodle and with barbells.